(Picture a sticky note on a small gift bag containing socks, bottled water, protein bars, tuna in a pouch and a toothbrush and comb.)
"Seest thou this woman?"
Luke 7:44
Jesus asked Simon this question about a woman, who was known to be a sinner, who had washed his feet with her tears.  Simon probably didn't think it was a correct thing for someone of her community standing to do, but since he had not done the same kindness for Jesus, he had little justification for his dismissal of her compassionate gesture.  Homeless people are often invisible to busy people going about their days.  I would like to report that recently when a woman gave a bundle containing the items above to a thirsty homeless man who in turn gave her a wilted and petal-dropping rose in exhange, it brought the woman who shared the gift to tears. And even more tears flowed as she drove out of the parking lot and saw him eagerly looking through the bag as he sat on a bench in the shade.  There are lots of people in the world who seem invisible.  Let your heart be on the lookout and whisper to you today, "Seest that broken person there?

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